Archeology Activity

You're the Archeologist!

archeology the study of man's past by scientific analysis of the material remains of his cultures

Day one
I'm going to show you a bunch of items scavenged from my apartment. List each item and what information it tells you about me. Many of the items are strange. Write any questions that you might have. When you have completed your list think about you can say about from the items alone. Write a description of what you know and how the items led you to your conclusion.

1. picture of Mr. M and a girl his age. somewhere sandy. Mr. M has a camera.
could be his girlfriend, wife, or sister. maybe just a friend. looks like they are traveling so probably girlfriend.

I think Mr. Mylenek must have a girlfriend or be married since he has a picture of him traveling with a girl.

Day two
Once you have written what you learned from looking Mr. M's items, think about what your stuff says about you. Make a list of 10 things that someone would find if they looked in your room. What would each item tell an archeologist about you?